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How are you looking to become more?  Are you looking to become more peaceful, trusting, or grounded?  Are you looking to become more aware of where God is working around you? Let us provide a guide for your journey of becoming!  

And it's important to enjoy the journey so we've created a Cafe Press store stocked with Becoming More merch so you can remind yourself you're in the process of becoming more like Jesus for the sake of others!  

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Are you ready to wake up from your slumber? Are you looking for hope and renewed passion for the Gospel? Then Becoming More Aware is the tool you need to help alert you to all God is doing in the world! Using questions asked in the Bible, we'll become more aware of who God is, your relationship with Him, thinking patterns, actions, relationships with others, and the impact you have on the world.


Join us in praying, "Lord, wake us up so we can see You moving in the world. Give us ears to hear Your Word afresh. Sharpen our eyes to the movement of the Spirit working in our hearts. Revive us. Give us a passion for becoming more like You for the sake of others. Amen."  

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How do you respond when you find yourself in a season of famine or drought?  Do you take matters into your own hands in an attempt to fix it? Do you try to outrun your circumstances?  Or does your faith and trust in God allow you to move through the trials into deeper trust? 

Explore the book of Ruth in, "Becoming More Trusting," a short three-week mini study.  When faced with heartbreaking trials, Ruth chose to trust.  As a result of her deep faith, she was grafted into a faith-filled family tree that extends to all who believe. Learn about your legacy of faith as you, like Ruth, learn to become more trusting. 

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What do you do in the middle of life’s storms? Do you lose your footing and find yourself thrown about by waves of doubt and fear? Are your decisions reactionary and focused on survival instead of purpose? Does your thinking lead you to say things you don’t mean to people who matter most? Or, are you firmly grounded in Christ, the One who gave Himself for you and loves you unconditionally?


In Becoming More Grounded, we’ll dig into becoming a woman who is grounded in her relationship with God and others, in her identity, purpose, decision making, and thought life. Join us on the journey of becoming and ground yourself in Him.

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What is peace?  When is the last time you felt it?  We often associate a feeling of peace with a place of circumstance, but God invites us to experience something more.  He is gently calling us to Himself, inviting us to experience soul serenity, a peace that replaces anxiety and drives out fear.  Do you feel a longing in your spirit to settle into that kind of peace?  In Becoming More Peaceful, we’ll set out on a six-week journey moving from inviting God’s peace in us, to offering that same peace to others.  “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”  Num. 6:24-26

Want to share Becoming More with women who can't afford a book and desire to participate in a group?  We're looking for women to donate the cost of books for women who can't afford one. We have Becoming More groups popping up in places like Recovery Houses where women are learning (sometimes for the first time in their lives) what it looks like to become more like Jesus for the sake of others! Donate a book for others by clicking on the button to the right.