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Friday, April 22nd - Becoming More Alive

This past Sunday we celebrated Easter. Easter is a beautiful picture of the immeasurable power of the living God. He broke the hold of sin and death and wiped away the slate of everyone who believes in Him in one sacrificial, justifying act. We thought death had won, but the cross had the final word. Jesus called us out of sin and death into redemption by laying down His life for you and for me.

This is the most beautiful example of love we can find; to lay one’s life down so another can live fully in Christ. We know this historical victory and celebrate it frequently. But how do we know Jesus is alive today? How can we be sure? We hear this account of history and yes, we believe it and are so thankful for the sacrificial love of God that would lay down the life of His son, but where do we see the evidence today that Jesus is alive?

He’s alive in each and every one of us. He’s alive in our community. He’s alive in the grace that flows through our veins. He’s alive in our surrender and our trust in Him. He’s alive in the way we forgive others. He’s alive in our redemption. He’s alive in our story.

So how can we become more alive? We can share our stories. We tell others of the redemptive work Jesus has done in our lives.

We want to invite you to do just that. You are invited to share your story of Jesus’ love, grace, and redemption in the comments below. How has God brought you out of death and into life? How has he called you from the darkness into the light? How has he redeemed your story?

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