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Friday, March 26th - Becoming More Reflective

As we’ve discussed reflecting the image of God, we’ve learned it’s not the easiest task to accomplish. Our own desires and the desires of others muddle our thinking. It’s much more difficult to go against the current when the rest of society is going in the other direction. “Fitting in” is alluring and reflecting the attributes of God through being faithful, hopeful, charitable, patient, diligent, non-judgmental, virtuous, and forgiving, is not always the “in” thing.

As women following Christ, He has called us and made us for more than just doing what “feels” good. He made us to bring glory to His name and be a voice for The Gospel. So, what does that look like for you in this season? Where are you on the spectrum of reflecting God? A lot of us will be at different places on the spectrum due to our faith walk and circumstances.

How can you better reflect God? Below are some action steps that might help.

•Make a choice. I’m a firm believer that making certain choices as you wake up each morning will dictate how your day will go. For the next couple of days, look in the mirror and recite these statements/question: “I am made in the image of God and I am created to reflect Him!”, “He chose me for something greater than myself!”, “What can I do today to reflect the love of God?”.

•Pray. It may seem like the common “go to”, but think of the blessing it is that we get to have a direct line of communication to the creator of everything! We can’t reflect the image of God on our own; The Holy Spirit is alive in us and guides us. Have an honest and open conversation with God about where you are and ask Him to open your heart and eyes to where He is working in areas of struggle in your life.

•Study His Word. The Bible is literally a manual for life. All of God’s instructions and desires are found in the pages of The Bible. Even thousands of years after The Bible was written, it still applies to us today!

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