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Monday, April 5th - Becoming More Alive

This week we are walking through the topic Becoming More Alive. The dictionary defines alive simply as this: living, not dead. If you’re reading this, you may be thinking, “Well, clearly, I’m alive, so I’m good!” However, I’m not talking about the earthly definition of alive. I’m talking about being alive in Christ. Truly living. Being consumed with the love of God and offering that love to those around you; being a part of the family of Jesus and living into what you were created for.

We will start this week by looking at the things that keep us being truly alive. Then we’ll look at how God calls us deeper into His provision for us. We will look at the hold Satan tries to put on us and how God call us from death to life in Him.

As we begin, let’s talk about something that was a challenge for most of us this past year: isolation. Isolation is one of the biggest hinderances to being fully alive in Christ. It keeps us from the community we were created to be a part of. Not only does physically being isolated from others keep us from being alive, but mental and relational isolation plays right into the devil’s hand.

Keeping our pain to ourselves isolates us. We unknowingly let death win. When we share our stories and let others in, we are choose to be fully available and alive in the body of Christ as God intended.

Freedom is cannot be obtained when our past, pains, heartaches and troubles are kept captive. Choosing true community over isolation has the power to set us free.

How is God calling you from isolation into community? We'd love for you to share what you feel like God is saying to you in the comments.

Author: Gracie Martin

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