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Monday, May 17th - Becoming More Fulfilled

Are you fulfilled in life? What does it mean to be fulfilled? I searched for the meaning of that word on and learned the word fulfilled comes from the Old English word meaning “fill up or make full from, a sense of satisfaction that comes from completion.”

When used as an adjective, being fulfilled is a feeling of being happy and satisfied with our lives. As a noun, a fulfillment is something that has completed its purpose. When used as a verb, fulfilling is something we do when we actively bring things to completion. As we seek to feel fulfilled (adj.) in our lives, we need to see Christ as the fulfillment (n.) of God’s promises and actively work to fulfill (v.) the purpose He has given us. The noun and the verb lead to the adjective.

Too often we chase fulfillment in things instead of discovering fulfillment in what Christ did for us on the cross and the mission He has given us to complete on His behalf. When we focus on chasing a feeling, we look to accomplish this in the easiest way possible and we find ourselves unfulfilled and left wanting. When we focus on fulfilling Christ’s purpose for us, the feeling of fulfillment comes.

This week as we talk about how to become more fulfilled, we’re going to focus on the verb and the noun because once we understand the noun and do the verb, we’ll feel fulfilled.

In the comments below, let us know when you feel most fulfilled.

Author: Anne Bosarge

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