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Thursday, April 15th - Becoming More Virtuous

Read Proverbs 31:13-27. I don’t know about you, but the description of this woman wears me out! When I read all she does, I’m tempted to see her as doing all of these things every single day. That would be describing more than a woman of valor, that would be describing Wonder Woman!

I don’t think living in a state of constant busyness is what the author is instructing us to do. He’s not telling us a woman of valor never slows down or encounters difficulty or frustration. He is giving us an example of how a woman of valor lives a productive life; doing things God has equipped her to do and being purposeful with her time. Some of the tasks look different, but let’s take a look at her purposeful, productive life.

- She provides for her family.

- She gets up early so she can serve others well.

- She makes thoughtful, well-informed decisions.

- She thinks of others and provides for their needs.

- She does not worry because she operates in God’s strength

- She has a good reputation in the community.

- She offers wisdom and advice to others.

This is not a measuring stick to show how “well” you’re doing at being a woman of valor. This is a list of characteristics of a woman who knows her purpose and is grounded in who she is in Christ. When you know who you are and whose you are, you know what you were created to do. This woman has discovered that and is living a purposeful life toward that end.

Busyness leads to burnout while purposefulness leads to productivity. Are you busy or purposeful with your time? If you feel like you are leaning toward busyness in this season, simply give this post a sad face emoji. If you are leaning toward purposeful productivity, give this post a heart emoji.

Author: Anne Bosarge

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