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Thursday, March 18th - Becoming More Grounded

Thoughts Laid Bare

Week 6, Day 4

We often try to manage what others think about us through controlling our actions. If we want to be seen as spiritually healthy, we discipline ourselves to act spiritually healthy. If we want to be seen as kind and compassionate, we act in a manner that others will perceive as kind and compassionate. While this may be accompanied by the right attitudes, thoughts, and motivations, that is not always the case. Sometimes we can trick others, and even ourselves, into thinking our thought lives match our actions. God sees through this charade. He sees completely and diagnoses a heart condition in us when our attitudes contradict our actions.

-As you ponder today's post, how does this reflect your own life?

-How can you put yourself in a posture to allow God to diagnose unhealthy attitudes in your life on a regular basis?

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