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Thursday, October 28th - Becoming More Childlike

As adults, we spend a lot of time hiding behind different masks, don’t we? For today’s example, I am not talking about the kind we wear in an effort to stop the spread of COVID. I’m talking about the symbolic or metaphorical kind. The mask we put on because we don’t want others to see what’s underneath.

Read the list below and see if any of these resonate with you:

-I put on a mask of untrustworthiness because I’m fearful of people knowing my true self and showing my scars.

-I put on a mask of perfection, because I am my strongest critic, and that critic says to do better!

-I put on a mask of having it all together, but deep down I’m struggling and don’t want to burden anyone with my issues.

When kids wear masks for Halloween this weekend, it’s only for a few days. As adults, we may put on multiple masks a day, every day! As we move to a place where we desire to become more childlike, what does that look like for you in this context? Maybe it’s opening up and being vulnerable to someone you trust in your faith community, or maybe it’s going to God and surrendering your mask at His feet. Wherever you find yourself, lets strive to be more childlike by not hiding behind our masks and courageously living in the light.

Author: Sara Fullerton

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