Thursday, September 16th - Becoming More Aware

Week One, Day Four

Read John 18.

Who is it you want Jesus to be for you? Do you want “Loving Jesus” who opens His arms to all? Do you want “Righteous Jesus” who judges people and brings justice to the earth? Do you want “Political Jesus” who aligns with your political point of view? Or do you want “Best Friend Jesus” who goes where you want and does what you want Him to do?

Just as the Pharisees and soldiers didn’t get to choose which part of Jesus they experienced in that moment, neither do we. When we encounter all of who Jesus is, we are knocked to our knees and can do nothing else but bow in worship.

Are you looking for a Savior who does what you want when you want? Or are you looking for Jesus, the Son of God?

Let’s pray this awareness prayer together: Jesus, help me embrace all of you today.

Reflection Question: What aspects of Jesus’ nature are you most drawn to?

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