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Tuesday, December 14th - Becoming More Simple

You may have read the question in the graphic and thought, “Nope – let’s skip today’s reading. I don’t want to be convicted about my calendar!” If that’s you – I encourage you to keep reading 😁

Are you a planner? Or are you more of a “take the day as it comes” kind of person? If your calendar is busting at the seams with only small gaps of emptiness, this question is for you. What would it look like for your calendar to become more simple?

Do you fail to put everything you do in a day on paper or calendar app? Do you find yourself stressfully running around trying to complete everything you said you’d do today? Do you have meeting after meeting after meeting because you didn’t create gaps in your schedule? If your answer was yes to any of these questions, I’m sure at the end of the day you find yourself mentally and physically worn out, tired, and exhausted.

So, let’s become more simple in our schedules. Our challenge for you today is this – look at your calendar for the week. Where can you create margin? Where can you create space in your day to recuperate and breathe? Do you have a day with back-to-back meetings all day? Is it possible to push a few of those meetings to the next day? Do you have a list of errands a mile long? Could you spread them out over a few days rather than spending your whole day running around town?

Let us know in the comments what helps you become more simple in your schedule so it can encourage others to do the same!

Author: Gracie Martin

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