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Tuesday, January 25th - Becoming More Deliberate

Have you ever felt Jesus calling you to follow Him? Have you felt a nudging to move deeper, to do more, or to go where you’ve never been?

Read about how Jesus called His disciples in Mark 1:16-20, 2:13-14, and 3:13-18.

From the start of their journey with Jesus, the disciples knew they were being called to become more like Him for the sake of others. He was calling them to “fish for men,” “preach,” and “drive out demons.” They were following Him so they would learn how to help others follow Him.

Unfortunately, many of us stop short of this full expression of our discipleship. We absorb all we can to help us become more like Jesus, but we stop short of passing that on to others. When we do that, we’ve only experienced half of what it means to be a true disciple.

Do you like to play games? What if you spent your whole life learning about the game and how to play the game, but never taught anyone else so you could experience the game with them?

Our spiritual lives are much more than a game but, like a game, they are more fun when shared with others. We are discipled to disciple others. We are led to lead others.

Who are you called to lead? Who are you walking with and discipling? If you feel comfortable, put their name in the comments and tell us what that looks like for you.

Author - Anne Bosarge

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