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Wednesday, August 25th - Becoming More Patient

"The end of something is better than its beginning. Patience is better than arrogance." -ECCLESIASTES 7:8

In our busy lives, microwaves are a lifesaver. Throwing dinner into a microwave for a few minutes to feed the kids between activities has allowed us to maintain hectic lifestyles. But the truth is that we all love a nice home cooked meal; one we can involve our children in, that tastes like it's been in process all day long. Microwave meals just taste different than those we have a part in creating, baking, cooking, and serving. The memories that surround those times are special and meaningful. Slow and deliberate meal preparation is often the centerpiece of family gatherings and holiday celebrations because it is so special. Good meals take patience and time.

We often approach all aspects of life with a “microwave” mindset. We don’t mind not having the best as long as we can get it quick. We want blessings right now. When we pray, we want the answer now. When we are traveling through our faith journey, we want instant results. What if, in the pursuit of the quick blessings in our lives, we are missing the best blessings for our lives? God desires a deep relationship with each of us that requires patience and time to fully develop.

How would you describe the time you spend waiting on God? Do you settle for a microwave meal instead of one that takes time, love, attention, and patience?

Author: Damon N Carrie Hubert

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