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Wednesday, December 15th - Becoming More Simple

Take a walk around your home. What do you see? Do you see projects you want to complete or things you’ve intended on getting rid of? If you’ve just cleaned and organized your house (go you!!), what about in the corner of your closet or in one of your junk drawers? Do you have extra stuff stowed in the bedroom that somehow always becomes the catch-all for everything?

Somewhere in your home you have things you don’t need. What would it look like to become more simple with your possessions? I don’t know about you, but for example, I have a whole tote in one bedroom closet full of purses and bags. I most certainly do not need all of them, but for some reason I’ve decided to keep them and let them take up space in our home. Why? Because for some reason I think I’ve got some attachment to them, and I’ll use them again. Want to know the truth? I probably won’t! So, why keep them?

Today’s challenge is this – Make a commitment to become more simple with your possessions. Find something that is taking up clutter in your home or something you’ve been keeping sure that “one day you’ll use it again.” Donate it to a local charity or thrift store (or you could even use it as a Christmas gift!).

Post a picture in the comments of what you’re getting rid of to symbolize becoming more simple in your possessions, and let’s all encourage each other for taking a step towards simplicity!

Author: Gracie Martin

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