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Wednesday, February 24th - Becoming More Grounded


Week 3, Day 3

In today’s world, we tend to see differences as characteristics that divide instead of traits that complete us. We often gravitate toward people who accept us based on what we have and what we have done rather than simply accepting people for who God created them to be.

-As you look at the characteristics of someone who accepts others that Paul lays out in Romans 15:1-7, which one is the most challenging for you?

o Supporting those who are weaker in their faith

o Setting aside my own desires

o Treating others the way they would want to be treated

o Building each other up

o Putting others first who do not put you first

o Being unified in the faith

o Receiving one another with flaws and imperfections, just as you were received by Christ

-Once you accept others, are you bold enough to invite them to join you on the journey of becoming more like Christ for the sake of others? Why or why not? What is the difficulty for you in this?

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