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Wednesday, May 12th - Becoming More Imaginative

I (Sara) will be the first to admit that I am not a natural “dreamer.” Going back to day one of our devotional this week, I fall into the category of thinking that doesn’t naturally allow for this childlike-mindset in my day-to-day processing. I’m a work in progress, but what helped me understand the importance of allowing myself to dream, feel, and wonder about the magnitude of God and His Son are the verses above.

God created us to do good works. They are His good works; not my own. If I try to do good works with my human mindset and rationalize why I’m doing it, I’m probably going to miss the entire point in the first place. I will be depriving myself of understanding the full magnitude of God’s glory, and I’ll fall short of what He’s called me to do. Sometimes God calls us to do things we don’t understand! We are his handiwork. We were created to imagine, feel, and wonder and use those gifts to support the work He has called us to do, not to limit the work He has called us to do.

Our faith and our imaginations are intertwined with one another. Faith is having complete trust or confidence in the unseen. The imagination is what expands our minds. If we allow ourselves to imagine more fully, and with more goodness, we can capture more of a glimpse of God and develop a deeper faith. That deeper faith develops good works, and the right motivation behind them.

If faith is believing and trusting in the unseen, why do we sometimes rob ourselves of imagining the impossible?

Author: Sara Fullerton

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