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Wednesday, October 6th - Becoming More Aware

Week Four, Day Three

Elijah, whose name meant, “The Lord is my God,” was a prophet living at a time when much of Israel had turned its back on God. Most of them had begun to worship Baal, a god of nature worshipped by King Ahab and his wife, Jezebel.

God did some amazing things through Elijah. But Elijah’s faith didn’t always stay at the mountain top. We read in 1 Kings 19:1-18 that even this formidable prophet lost his way and entered into a dark time. Elijah’s thoughts led him to take action on facts that were not real. They caused him to forget the purpose and calling God placed on his life. When have your thoughts caused you to find yourself in a place God didn’t intend for you to be?

Awareness Prayer – God, show me when faulty thinking is causing me to take foolish action?

Reflection Question – When is a time faulty thinking caused you to do something foolish?

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