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Friday, December 24th - Becoming More Content

When you feel strong, do you feel extra-content? When you feel “good enough” at your job, as a wife or mom, or better than the person next to you, do you feel particularly content with your life?

Oppositely, when you feel weak, do you feel discontent? What happens when you don’t feel “good enough,” or the person next to you is better than you? Maybe you even experience physical weakness due to a medical issue. Does this weakness leave you feeling discontent compared to your strength? If I’m being honest, I often will answer these questions with a yes!

Oxford Languages defines weakness as “the state or condition of lacking strength.” Now, pull up your Bible app and read 2 Corinthians 12:10. Even though Paul is feeling weak, he shares that he is still content. Why? Because he sees that his lack of strength only amplifies God’s power and strength! Paul is showing our own strength or weakness means nothing, because it is God who has the ultimate strength!

This might be a bit of a humbling moment for you; it is for me! Our strength doesn’t matter apart from the Lord, for it is He who gave us our strength. Our weakness doesn’t matter apart from the Lord, for it is He who is to be glorified for His strength, not us. The beauty is that the Lord doesn’t leave us in our weakness but promises to give us His strength!

Therefore, our contentment cannot be found in whether we feel weak or strong. This can change overnight. Our contentment can be found in God our Strength! We can be content regardless of our own weakness or strength because God is Strength!

Action: Go back to the list you created on Monday and underline all the items that fall under the “strength” category. Now, reflect on the italicized sentence above. How does that change your contentment in the midst of your own weaknesses or strengths?

Let us know! Where do you find yourself feeling not good enough? We want to encourage you with the strength of the Lord!

Author: Hannah-Grace Hedgecoth

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