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Friday, December 3rd - Becoming More Expectant

Good morning Becoming More Family! On Friday’s we like to put what we’ve learned into action. With this week’s focus being on becoming more expectant, we want to ask you a question: How can you give the gift of an expectant spirit? You may be wondering, “huh?” “How am I supposed to give someone a spirit?” Well, the answer we have for you is this: by having an expectant spirit yourself.

Energy is contagious, and so is the type of spirit you carry. Think about it. How many times have you walked down the street, and someone smiled at you, so you smiled in return? Or how about when you’ve seen someone hold the door for an elderly woman? Did that inspire you to do something kind and generous for someone else? The way we carry ourselves, the way we treat other people, the hope or expectancy we hold – it’s contagious, and it can be gifted to others simply by being around them.

We know the Christmas season can bring about stress, angst, and anxiety with all that has to be done throughout the holidays. But we want to challenge you this Christmas season to spread joy, spread hope, become more expectant, and watch those around you follow suit.

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