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Friday, January 8th - Becoming More Bold

Have you ever had a moment when meeting with God where He asks you to do something that sounds absolutely bonkers? Here are some of my common responses in those conversations:

  • “No way, God. I think you’ve got the wrong gal here.”

  • “Surely you meant to ask that of someone else, right?

  • “Do you know what you’re asking? I’m not cut out for this.”

Despite my initial stubbornness, I know God IS speaking directly to me and IS asking me to do that thing. He didn’t ask the wrong person, and He already knew I would initially object to whatever He was asking me to do in the first place. Yet, He still asks me to do things that are beyond my comprehension or understanding, and I do my best to follow through.

Being bold in our response to God’s calling on our life is a testament of our trust and faith in Him. The best part? He’s not going to leave you out on a limb while you try to figure out how to do what He’s calling you to do. When we invite the Holy Spirit into our lives, it serves as our spiritual compass. His Spirit spurs us on, turns inaction into action, and most importantly – helps us follow through with what He’s asking us to do. His Spirit gives us the tools and strength that we need to live the life He’s called us to.

It’s odd to think that we, as humans, have access to these supernatural powers; seems like stuff you’d only see in the next Marvel movie, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. You may not have lasers that shoot out of your arms, or the ability to fly, but when you invite Christ into your life, you gain access to all the spiritual tools you could possibly need! He will equip you. Today, lets pray to boldly knock and answer more. Let’s pray to boldly respond to His calling and take comfort in knowing that He’ll be with us every step of the way.

Can you recall a time where you felt God nudging you in a certain direction? Did you follow through with it? If not, why? If yes, what was the outcome of that? Share us your stories in the comments below!

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