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Friday, May 7th - Becoming More Trusting

Week Three, Day Five

Family Tree

Read Ruth 4:13-22.

We are influenced and defined by our family. We find a sense of belonging within our family. Those who have believed in Jesus for salvation, who have accepted the gift of His forgiveness, have been grafted into a new family tree just like Ruth was. We don’t have to swab our DNA to find out who our relatives are; we see them laid out for us in Ruth 4:18-22 and Matthew 1. When we ask Jesus to redeem us, we are grafted onto His family tree and His family becomes our family. His Father becomes our Father. We gain a HUGE family of brothers and sisters in Christ; none of them perfect, but all of them equally loved and accepted by God as His children.

Prayer for Today: Jesus, thank you for redeeming me and grafting me into your family. Help us, as brothers and sisters in Christ, learn to trust you more fully. Amen.

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