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Friday, November 19th - Becoming More Welcoming

What is something you like - more than your favorite food, something that brings you joy. For example, some of my answers would be consistency, time well spent, opportunities for rest, the satisfaction of building something with my own two hands, and feeling seen and heard. What are your answers?

I bet I can guess what none of you thought of for an answer: change. I’ll be honest with y’all. Change would probably be the last thing I’d want to welcome into my life. I am comfortable in the known, in the routine, and in the familiar. When things start to change and what’s around me doesn’t look the same anymore, it’s a very uncomfortable place for me. I find myself wishing things could go back to “normal” – whatever that may be.

But here’s the hard truth: if things never changed, we would never experience growth. Something my good friend Anne Bosarge always says is that “there’s no comfort in the growth zone and there’s no growth in the comfort zone.” It’s the same with change. We’ll never experience growth if we aren’t willing to endure and accept change.

What seems to be changing you? How is God calling you to embrace the change rather than push it away? How is God calling you to become more welcoming of changes in your life?

Author: Gracie Martin

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