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Friday, November 20th - Becoming More Kind

This year has been a hard one to experience. If it were a Lifetime movie, some of us would have changed the channel to something more lighthearted and comedic. Some have lost everything they once knew due to a pandemic that has no definitive ending. Along with a major pandemic came views on who is coping with a pandemic in the “right or wrong way” and the reality is, we’re all navigating a rough sea that’s unknown and doing the best we can.

Our news channels and newsfeed are filled with political jargon; hateful statements are being spewed all around. As I brought up Monday, our opinions generally take priority over truth and kind words. Although this year has been one for the books, it won’t magically end on January 1st, 2021. There will still be a pandemic, racial injustice, firm political stances, and a slew of other tough topics.

How can we bring light to dark situations? Kindness. When we are blessed to wake up in the morning we can make the decision to be kind regardless of what happens during the day. We have the opportunity to offer grace, because we don’t know what the person who cut your off in traffic this morning is struggling with. We don’t know who has a loved one who just passed away, who has lost their job, who doesn’t know how they’re going to get groceries this week, or who is walking around with undiagnosed health concerns.

Kindness is a component of love and love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Corinthians 13:4 states, “Love is patient and kind.” In order to bring light into dark situations we can offer kindness and, in turn, we’re showing love. Christ-like kindness doesn’t come with a record of someone’s wrongs and it doesn’t expect anything in return. Christ-like kindness acknowledges that kindness isn’t necessarily deserved, but it’s from the heart & it’s a pure love.

As we wrap up Becoming More Kind, my prayer is that kindness will continue past this week’s Kindness Challenge. My prayer is that we wake up each day and make it a point to offer kindness. Whether its holding the door for someone, saying “hi” to strangers, allowing someone with fewer items to go ahead of you in the grocery store line, helping an elderly person put groceries in their car, passing out blessing bags to the homeless, or doing a chore for your spouse that they normally handle, we can all bring Christ-like kindness into someone’s day.

Kindness challenge (pick one or both):

· Offer to do some yardwork for an elderly neighbor.

· All day allow people to go ahead of you: in the checkout line, in traffic, etc.

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