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Friday, October 22nd - Becoming More Aware

Week Six, Day Five

In Isaiah 6, we read about a time when God asked Isaiah to do something. These were the different responses to God’s request.

1. Isaiah was reminded of who God is.

2. Isaiah confessed his sin.

3. Isaiah said yes.

4. Isaiah learned what he was called to do.

Unlike the way we approach doing favors for people, when God asks us to do something, he expects us to trust Him enough to say yes before we find out exactly what and how He wants us to do things. The details follow our agreement.

Isaiah learned he would be preaching to people who wouldn’t understand; he would be trying to open the eyes of people who wouldn’t see. What a frustrating, thankless job Isaiah was called to do! Even knowing what he was called to do, Isaiah didn’t go back on his word. He carried out the work of God even though it would seem futile and useless because of the lack of response of the people he was ministering to. He would see death and destruction come to the people he was sent to serve and yet Isaiah remained faithful to God’s call.

Awareness Prayer – God, here I am. Send me.

Reflection Question – What awareness did you gain about your own calling and willingness to say yes?

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