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Friday, October 29th - Becoming More Childlike

When you think about the word “imagination,” what does that mean to you? For me (Sara), I think about having an imaginary friend, or using my imagination as a child to create made-up worlds for me to explore in with only a box and a pile of dirt.

It’s not so easy anymore for me to imagine things like I did as a child. Sometimes, I fall into a habit of thinking that doesn’t naturally allow for this childlike-mindset in my day to day processing. To be even more brutally honest, sometimes I miss out on beautiful things that God is trying to show me because I don’t allow myself to dream, wonder, or use my imagination.

Here’s the ‘but’ though – He already knows this about us. He knows that sometimes we are incapable of seeing, dreaming, or doing things in His name because our vision is blurred by our own doubt or disbelief. The story of Thomas’ inability to believe that Jesus rose from the dead (John 20:24-29) is our story too. It serves as a gentle reminder to believe, wonder, and dream, so we don’t miss Him.

If you think about it, our faith and our imaginations are intertwined with one another! Faith is having complete trust or confidence in the unseen. The imagination is what plays in our minds. If we allow ourselves to imagine more fully, and with more goodness, we can capture more of a glimpse of God and develop a deeper faith.

Author: Sara Fullerton

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