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Friday, October 8th - Becoming More Aware

Week Four, Day Five

We often order our lives in pursuit of the “one day” and “not yet” instead of focusing on the blessings of today and how to invest those blessings with a mindset focused on eternity.

Read Luke 16:1-9.

Jesus wasn’t advocating mismanagement of money or saying we should be dishonest. He was illustrating the fact that even sinful men are motivated to use their money wisely with an eye toward the future. When the manager was about to lose everything, he did what he could to protect his future. How much more should we, as believers who recognize that everything we have has been given to us by the Master, be using our resources wisely with an eye toward the future?

Awareness Prayer – Each time you reach into your wallet, pray, “God, You are my Master and everything I have is Yours.”

Reflection Question – How is God calling you to shift your focus from an increase in wealth to an increase in devotion?

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