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Friday, September 17th - Becoming More Aware

Week One, Day Five

What is something you know to be true but have never seen with your own eyes? We live in a world that operates by the principle, “seeing is believing.” In the same way, this principle has worked its way into believers’ hearts and minds. Unless we’ve seen or experienced something for ourselves, we don’t trust it to be true, even if others testify to its truth.

Read Matthew 9:27-31.

Imagine the scene for a moment. These two blind men heard about all Jesus had done. They hadn’t seen it for themselves, but they believed without seeing. These men followed Jesus begging him for mercy. We don’t know how long they walked, but we know they didn’t give up. In the waiting and the pursuit, their belief developed grit; their faith grew perseverance.

Does your belief in Jesus depend on His willingness to answer your request in your preferred way according to your timeline? Or does your faith demonstrate perseverance and grit?

Let’s pray this awareness prayer together: Jesus, increase my faith so I can believe before I see.

Reflection Question: Where are you looking for proof before you believe?

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