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Friday, September 24th - Becoming More Aware

Week Two, Day Five

In the beginning of the book of Isaiah, the prophet tells us of a time when the nation of Israel was experiencing great turmoil and attack from all sides. The nation of Israel is a picture of our own lives. When God allows us to experience the consequences of our actions, we often turn against Him and accuse Him of punishing us unfairly. Isaiah pointed out the work of repentance may be hard, but repentance is required to restore the nation’s relationship with God. God allowed them to feel the consequences of their rebellion because He is compassionate and just.

Eventually, because of God’s unending compassion, the people were brought out of Babylon. But instead of turning to God with renewed faith and clean hearts, they were still rebellious, and God realized He had to do a new thing. The old plan wasn’t going to work.

Read through Isaiah 50. God was trying to help the people become aware of His strength and ability to walk with them and rescue them. Just because he didn’t rescue them in the way they wanted didn’t mean He didn’t have the power to save them.

Awareness Prayer – God, only You can save me from my rebellion.

Reflection Question – Are you currently experiencing consequences of your own wrong choices?

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