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Friday, September 3rd - Becoming More Whole

As we’ve talked about Becoming More Whole this week, one of the things that keeps coming to mind is the question of how we can we help others on this journey. Sometimes we need help remembering who we are and whose we are. I am so thankful that Becoming More is privileged to be a part of supporting women in recovery. Becoming More has five core values, and one of them is to be more relentless in our pursuit of the messy and the marginalized. One of the ways we live that out is by taking Becoming More to recovery houses where women are in the messy middle of their lives. But we can’t do it on our own. Today we want to invite you to partner with us in this mission of helping these ladies become whole again. Becoming More Aware is right around the corner, and we’d love to be able to provide books for the women in these recovery houses. If you feel led, follow the link below and scroll to the bottom where you’ll see the paragraph explaining how to donate a book for women in recovery. Click on “Buy Now” to the right of that, and it’ll show you what to do next!

Will you help someone on their journey toward wholeness today?

Author: Gracie Martin

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