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Monday, August 30th - Becoming More Whole

What makes you feel whole? Is it when your life seems to be perfectly put together? When a day with many moving pieces flows smoothly? What about when you get that promotion you’ve been waiting for? Or when the boy you have a crush on finally notices you. What about when you come home and your husband actually cleaned the house? Or your kids did their chores without being asked? Do any of these things give you a feeling of wholeness?

What did you think about when you read through those questions? While these things can make you feel good, they will only temporarily satisfy. They can take you from a bad day to a good day, from a foul mood to grinning from ear to ear, but do they really make you feel whole? Does the joy that comes from momentary happiness give you a long-lasting feeling of wholeness? I don’t know about you, but my answer is no.

I googled what wholeness meant and one of the definitions said: “Wholeness is defined simply as the one thing that remains the same even when everything else is changing.” It was on one of those “spiritual wellness” websites but think about it for a minute. As Christ followers, wholeness comes from our constant relationship with God. The thing that makes us whole isn’t positive circumstances. In fact, as this definition states, it’s quite the opposite. It’s what keeps us right when everything around us is going wrong. It’s what stays the same when everything else is changing. Our wholeness comes from being rooted and grounded in Jesus.

When was a time you remained whole when everything around you suggested otherwise?

Author: Gracie Martin

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