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Monday, February 28th - Becoming More Certain

But God is my King from long ago; He brings salvation on the earth.” Psalm 74:12 (NIV)

In Psalm 74:1-11, the psalmist pours out his heart to God in a song of lament and a cry for help. He is burdened by:

  • God’s seeming rejection of and anger against the nation of Israel.

  • The complete destruction of God’s meeting places by the opposing nation.

  • The disrespect and mocking of God by the destroyers.

  • God’s patience with their enemies and His hesitancy to step in and destroy them.

Can you relate to his pain and angst? Have you ever felt God turned His back on your cries for help? Have you ever been upset and angry about the way people were mistreating that which is holy? Has your anger risen against people who seem to completely disregard and disrespect our Heavenly Father? Have you ever questioned God’s timing in bringing about justice and making what is wrong, right?

Me too. In the middle of wondering whether God will ever bring about righteous judgment on those who cause pain and disrespect Him, the psalmist reminds himself of who God has been in the past. To read the rest of the devotional, order your copy of Becoming More Certain at

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