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Monday, March 14th - Becoming More Certain

But God drags away the mighty by his power; though they become established, they have no assurance of life.” Job 24:22. (NIV)

Those of us who are believers in Jesus and claim Him as our Savior find our ultimate certainty in Him. We can be confident in what He has done for us and what He has called us to do. Those who do not share this belief (or believers who have forgotten it), must seek to fulfill their desire for certainty in their accomplishments, status, and wealth. Because this innate desire for certainty is so great within them and if it is unsatisfied by a personal relationship with Christ, they often pursue certainty in other ways – even if these ways are morally questionable, hurt others, or just outright wicked.

In the book of Job, we meet a man who was upright, God-fearing, and found his certainty in who he was in God, not in what he had. Because God had blessed Job tremendously with wealth, a family, and a comfortable life, Satan wanted to test Job’s faith and make sure it was true. He hoped to prove to God that Job’s faith would falter if all the blessings were taken away. Satan was hoping to strip Job of his material possessions and watch his faith in God crumble along with it.

Things didn’t exactly go as Satan hoped. As Job struggled through this season of intense loss, grief, questioning, and betrayal, he continued to proclaim His certainty in God.

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