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Monday, March 22nd - Becoming More Reflective

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Let’s think beyond physical features and look deeper. When you look at yourself, do you see your past? Do you see a spark of imagination about the future? Do you see exhaustion staring back at you? Do you see peace and assurance just under the surface? As you look at yourself in a mirror, you see more than just what’s on the surface. You see your inmost scars, growth, and desired future simultaneously.

This week we’ll be discussing Becoming More Reflective. Contrary to what the world tells us, the person we should see reflected in the mirror isn’t ourselves. It’s Christ. Our mission at Becoming More is that women would become more like Jesus for the sake of others. We are women who desire to reflect the image of Jesus in all circumstances. Of course, this is easier said than done.

In order to reflect Jesus, it’s important to know Him. Some of His attributes are faithful, hopeful, charitable, patient, diligent, non-judgmental, virtuous, and forgiving, to name a few. Since we were designed in God’s image, we were designed to reflect His essence. As we wake up each morning and look in the mirror, let’s focus more on the nature of Christ rather than ourselves and what the world values.

When you reflect more of Christ, you’ll point others to Him. Are you seeing more of yourself in your mirror or are you seeing more of Christ?

Heavenly Father,

I yearn to reflect more of You and less of me. I thank You for creating me in Your image! I know as I reflect you more, Your light will shine through me. I realize that when days are difficult, it’s much easier to reflect the world. Remind me that You have called me higher. Help me follow in the steps of Your perfect love. Amen.

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