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Monday, November 15th - Becoming More Welcoming

This week we are exploring what it looks like to become more welcoming. Welcoming is having an invitational spirit towards something. It means being open to whatever is being presented to you in that moment. This week we’re going to move through different areas where we can be more welcoming, but we wanted to start the week off with something that can be difficult and unexpected. Today we will look at becoming more welcoming of God’s work in our lives.

At first when you read that you may have thought, “Well yes. Of course, I welcome God’s work in my life!” And you may be right, at least when God works in enjoyable and easy ways. But what happens when the way He’s working in our lives is through difficulty, trials, or hardship? What if it’s through heartbreak, loss, pain, or grief?

Today I want to challenge you to trust the process. God works in ways we will never understand, but He calls us to trust Him through those times – whether they are good or bad.

How may God be stretching and growing you to become more welcoming of His work in your life?

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