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Monday, November 16th - Becoming More Kind

Kind – a small, four letter word on the surface, yet the action behind this word can have the ability to heal a tattered relationship, bring light to a person that is struggling in every area of life, and heal nations by offering grace and tender temperaments. In a society that is “me” driven, we have the tendency to move further away from simply being kind. We pride ourselves on being busy and finding power in achieving the next big step on the ladder of success. We may put kindness on the back burner because society tells us that kindness can equate to weakness and if we want to get ahead (in every area of life) we need to have a tough exterior, be firm, and not settle. There isn’t anything wrong with having those qualities and there isn’t anything wrong with being successful – it’s when kindness is taken out of the equation that our success hurts others.

Between a global pandemic and an election year, 2020 has come with a lot of divisiveness. In the middle of divisiveness, it’s easy to lose sight of being kind to each other. Normally our first inclination is to make sure our point/opinion has the floor, rather than spreading kind words and thoughts. What would it look like if our first thought was to speak kind words versus pushing our opinions? What would happen if we spoke from a perspective of truth instead of our opinions which are generally based on feelings that can change with the wind?

As we look at becoming more kind, this week, let’s begin with a prayer to put us in the right mindset and ask God to open our hearts:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to You asking for my heart to be open to kindness, even in the most daunting circumstances. I ask that You transform my heart so Your kindness speaks through me. Help me to follow Your loving example of what kindness truly is. Father, we know Your kindness isn’t contingent on our actions toward You, rather it’s Your perfect love for us as Your children. Your kindness is what’s needed to heal the hurting and bring light to dark situations. Help me to be like Jesus for the sake of others and let it start with showing Christ-like kindness.


This week as we look at becoming more kind, we’re adding in a “Kindness Challenge”. There will be two opportunities following each post for this week. Pray over the opportunities presented and allow The Holy Spirit to guide you in this kindness challenge.

In the comments we would love to hear your experience with each challenge and how you witnessed God move each day. You can even take time to post a picture and encourage others to join you in taking the kindness challenge!

Kindness challenge (pick one or both):

· Leave a note/gift card/treat in your mailbox for your mailman/lady.

· Grab post-it notes and write your favorite Bible verse(s) and/or inspirational quotes on each of the post-its. Leave one post-it on a car in the parking lot of your work, the grocery store, a doctor’s office, etc.

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