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Monday, November 29th - Becoming More Expectant

Can you believe December starts Wednesday? The Christmas season is finally here. After a year like none other, it’s time for a different season – a season of hope, of joy, and of peace. But what if the holidays aren’t that for you? What if the holidays remind you of family that is no longer here for Christmas? What if there will be family here that you only see during the holidays because when you’re gathered together there is anything but peace? Maybe the holidays remind you that you’re alone as all your friends go back home for Christmas. Or maybe you have to celebrate Christmas through a screen while your family member serves his/her country. Whatever the reason may be, this holiday season won’t be the same for everyone.

But what if it could be? What if we went into this advent season expecting something different? What if instead of hurt there could be hope? What if instead of sadness and sorrow there could be joy? What if instead of an unsettled spirit we could experience peace? What would happen if we shifted our eyes from focusing on our circumstances to set our gaze on the glory of God this Christmas season? What if the joy felt by the shepherds in the field when the heavenly hosts of angels appeared to them and told them the good news of Jesus’ birth was felt by us today (Luke 2:8-15)? What if we remembered God’s faithfulness, love, and mercy we’ve experienced in the past and we set ourselves in a posture of thankfulness and praise? What if the weary would rejoice?

As we begin this week looking at becoming more expectant, we want to start with prayer. We invite you to pray that God would reveal to you a step to take towards celebration this season. Pray that we would all be reminded why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. Pray that as we enter this season we could experience His hope, His joy, and His peace. Pray that we would become more expectant.

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