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Monday, November 2nd - Becoming More Gracious

What comes to mind when you hear the word “gracious”? Do you consider yourself to be a gracious person? Do you feel good about your ability to regularly extend grace, at least when it counts? Or do feelings of discontentment begin to arise because gracious is not a term that you would typically use to describe yourself?

Maybe you aren’t sure where you’d place yourself on this gracious scale. You know sometimes we see ourselves one way when others see us in a totally different light. We may think we are terrible at something when others see us succeeding. On the other hand, we may think we are really great at something, say extending grace to others for example, but the people in our circle that we trust to speak into our lives may see something different.

As we start this week looking at how to become more gracious, we want to invite you to walk through a prayer prompt with us. We all have areas in our character that we are blind to, so we want to start off this week asking God to reveal if our ability (or inability) to extend grace is one of those blind spots. We invite you to prayerfully reflect on the following questions:

- Where have I received grace in my life?

- Do I extend that same grace to others?

- Where may I be missing the opportunity to share the grace and love of Jesus?

If you feel the Lord pressing you to go deeper, we challenge you to go to the people you trust to speak into your life and ask them if they see you as a gracious person or if this is an area they feel you could grow in. Invite them to bring to light any opportunities that would help you become more like Jesus for the sake of others.

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