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Monday, October 11th - Becoming More Aware

Week Five, Day One

We don’t want to investigate our own failures. We don’t like to revisit our motivations or check our intent when things don’t go well. We would rather shift the blame to someone else and talk about their wrongdoings instead of our own.

Read John 21:15-19.

Peter denied Jesus three times, and Jesus asked Peter to declare his love and devotion three times. Each time moved Peter to a deeper place of reconciliation and wholeness.

Have you ever quickly changed the subject or switched directions in a conversation when something got too uncomfortable for you to talk about? This technique is called, “switch-tracking” in the book, “Thanks for the Feedback,” by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen.

Read about Peter’s attempt at switch-tracking in John 21:20-23. When you feel Jesus is dealing with you on a difficult issue, how do you respond? When you switch the track of the conversation and refuse to accept responsibility for your actions, you miss out on the learning and growth God has for you.

Awareness Prayer – Jesus, help me become more aware of and accept responsibility for my failures.

Reflection Question – Where are you quick to blame others instead of taking personal responsibility?

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