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Monday, October 18th - Becoming More Aware

Week Six, Day One

Read John 13:1-16.

John 13:1 says, “Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.” Here at this final supper with his disciples, Jesus truly demonstrated His love for them in a show of humility that both shocked and amazed them.

Imagine yourself as one of the disciples at the table with Jesus. No one had washed your feet upon entering, the way you would have expected to be treated as a guest in someone’s home. All of the necessary items to wash one’s feet were present in the room, a towel, an empty basin, and a tub of water, but no one makes a move toward them. Fresh in your mind are the many arguments the disciples had over which one of them was the most important. Certainly none of them would lower himself in such a way as to do the chore of a slave with the lowest standing. Their pride overrode their desire for clean feet.

And then, in the middle of the meal, you see Jesus, your beloved Master, take off His cloak, wrap a towel around His waist and pour water into the basin. As he moves toward Peter, you hear Peter’s verbal challenge and eventual submission. As Jesus moves to kneel at your feet, you want to refuse. You want to hide or turn the tables on Him and begin washing His feet. But before you can think about it any longer, you feel the Master’s embrace, His careful washing of every toe.

When all feet have been cleaned, you watch Jesus remove the towel, slip on His cloak, and set aside the basin of water. There is a hush over the room as if all possible words have been stolen by this generous act of servanthood. As Jesus looks at you lovingly, He asks, “Do you understand what I have done for you?”

Awareness Prayer – Jesus, give me Your servant’s heart.

Reflection Question – What prevents you from receiving Jesus’ servant heart?

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