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Monday, October 4th - Becoming More Aware

Week Four, Day One

Read Luke 6:46. Basically, Jesus was asking, “Why do you acknowledge me as Lord with your words but don’t surrender to me as Lord in your actions and motivations? Why do you appear to be a believer on the outside but fail to put into action what you know?”

The word ‘Lord’ in this context is “kurios” in the Greek which means “master”- someone who has ownership rights and control over another person. It’s a title of honor, respect and reverence that demonstrates submission.

Following Jesus is more than just saying He is Lord and Master of your life. It’s doing what He has called you to do.

Awareness Prayer – Lord, I am here; listening and responding to You.

Reflection Question – Where in your life are you calling Jesus, “Lord, Lord,” but not following through with your actions?

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