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Monday, September 13th - Becoming More Aware

Week One, Day One

Let’s begin this study in nature. Think about a memory or past vacation where you spent time outside. Think about what you did, what you saw, what you experienced, and what you felt. What do your observations teach you about the power and nature of God?

Even though we believe God is powerful, creative, and all-knowing, we tend to forget who He is. Most of us live in a general state of unawareness, overlooking His presence, power, and majesty. This isn’t a new problem – Job and his friends experienced this thousands of years ago. After his family, livestock, and health were taken from him, Job still refused to turn his back on God. Job cried out to God and wondered why God would punish people in such a cruel way.

Finally, God spoke to Job in chapter 38 with a question to create an awareness within Job. “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?”

Let’s pray this awareness prayer together today: God, help me become more aware of your power and your majesty.

Reflection Question – How have you encountered God’s power?

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