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Monday, September 20th - Becoming More Aware

Week Two, Day One

Read Matthew 20:29-34.

Let’s imagine the scene. Jesus and his disciples were walking down the road on their way out of town toward Jerusalem. Just before they left town, Jesus predicted His death and was attempting to prepare His disciples for what was to come in just a few short days. Even after hearing the prediction of Jesus’ coming death, they were concerned for their own status and reputation.

Then, as they walk on the road, two blind men heard news that Jesus was heading their way. They couldn’t see Him coming, but they heard the whispers of people announcing His approach. They cried out to Jesus and were persistent in asking for healing.

Jesus invites us to bring our requests to Him. He’s never too busy to stop and take notice. He’s always ready to listen. He’s just waiting for us to ask.

Let’s pray this awareness prayer together – Lord, give me the boldness to ask and the humility to wait.

Reflection Question – What is your request to God this week?

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