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Monday, September 27th - Becoming More Aware

Week Three, Day One

Each of us have lies we tell ourselves based on our experiences. Amongst the lies are truths that float around about us, others, and God. All of these thoughts run together in the background of our decisions and influence everything we say and do. We must become more aware of our thinking so we can root out the lies and purify our thoughts. But you might be thinking, if we are the ones who are sick, can we heal our own thoughts?

Read John 5:1-9.

The man doesn’t say yes but responds with a justification of why he hasn’t yet gotten well. He explains that he hasn’t gotten in the pool to be healed because he doesn’t have anyone to help him, and others always beat him to it. But Jesus, sensing his faith, gives him the direction to pick up his mat and walk.

Awareness Prayer – Jesus, heal my thoughts and make me whole.

Reflection Question – From what thoughts and motivations do you need to be healed?

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