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Sunday, December 26th - Becoming More Content

This week, we have been on a journey of redefining what is means to be content.

We often feel content in good circumstances, in our own strength, or in having money/possessions, but that these will only leave us feeling content and not actually content.

We learned that the secret to true contentment is found in God Himself, who is our Prince of Peace, our Strength, and our Creator.

He alone is worthy of our contentment, and our very source of it! When we are content in Him, he gives us strength to face circumstances, weakness and strength, and lack/enough money and possessions.

Action: Take a moment to thank God. Thank Him for being your source of contentment. Now, ask Him to help you find your contentment in Him alone!

Let us know! What is one thing the Lord has taught you this week?

Author: Hannah-Grace Hedgecoth

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