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Thursday, August 26th - Becoming More Patient

"Patience leads to abundant understanding, but impatience leads to stupid mistakes." -PROVERBS 14:29

When driving to work, I (Carrie) often encounter traffic. Hundreds of cars at a standstill on the highway is a daily occurrence for me. In this environment, I get to witness various types of drivers and I have noticed that preparation is the key to navigating traffic without high stress and anxiety. I often observe drivers who obviously did not plan for traffic and appear to be late for work. They weave in and out of traffic, getting angry and driving aggressively. The stress and frustration on their faces indicates they are already having a bad day.

I know there will most likely be heavy traffic every day I commute to work so I leave in plenty of time so I am not in danger of being late. I know I will have a long time in the car so I make sure I use this time to improve my day by listening to enjoyable music, podcasts, audiobooks, or I use the time for prayer. This does not make the traffic any faster or shorten the commute time, but this preparation allows me to be more patient.

To be patient in life, we must prepare. When a situation or event occurs in our lives, we need to have a strong foundation to be able to rely on God and be patient in His work as we go through the process. We must regularly spend time with God through reading and studying His Word, through prayer and quiet time. This will not lessen the event or “make the traffic go faster” but it will give us the ability to demonstrate patience when we need it most.

Where is God preparing you?

Author: Carrie Hubert

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