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Thursday, December 16th - Becoming More Simple

What does loving others mean to you? Does it mean spending a ton of time and energy putting something special together? Does it mean doing something small to show someone you care? Or does it mean showing Jesus to a stranger through your actions?

I think it can be all three. But we often think it takes a big ordeal to love others and we can use that as an excuse to keep our distance. We convince we don’t have enough time, money or energy to love others that way. Sound familiar? I know I am definitely guilty of this too. So, what if we became more simple in the way we love others? Not in the meaning or the purpose behind it, but in the actual implementation of it.

You may be thinking, “Where do I even start?” Here are some ideas!

1. Share a smile with a stranger. As you’re passing someone on the street or in the grocery store, instead of avoiding eye contact, look at them and smile. This is a simple way to really impact someone’s day.

2. If you see someone who seems they’re having a bad day or they seem sad, ask if you can pray for them. This can be intimidating at first, but after you do it a few times it won’t be as scary!

3. Offer a meal to someone who is hungry. If you see someone on the side of the road in need of food, go through a drive thru and bring them a meal. If you decide to make a habit out of helping people in this way, you could even prepare food bags and have them ready in your car to give to those in need.

What are some simple ways that you love others?

Author: Gracie Martin

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