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Thursday, December 23rd - Becoming More Content

Pull up your Bible app and read Philippians 4:11-12. The word that pops out to me is, “circumstance.” On Monday, we talked about Paul’s circumstances as he was writing this letter. Writing from a Roman prison is a circumstance that is FAR from ideal or comfortable. Let’s take a second and talk about what “circumstances” include.

In verse 12, we see that “circumstances” include being in need, having plenty, being well fed, being hungry, living in plenty, and living in want. These are all circumstances we find ourselves living in. And, quite often, these circumstances happen outside of our control. No one wants to be in need, or live in hunger, or live in want. Paul was living in these terrible circumstances, but this doesn’t seem to discourage him.

The Lord wants us to see that, regardless of the circumstance you are living in, He is Jesus, our Prince of Peace. The circumstances may make us feel a certain way, but when we look to Jesus, our Prince of Peace, those feelings seem to diminish. I don’t want to make light of being in need and want-those feelings are real and serious. The truth is, though, that these real and serious feelings are demolished in the light of faith in a God who is our Prince of Peace regardless of our circumstances. We can be content regardless of our circumstances because Jesus is our Prince of Peace!

Action: What are your circumstances right now? Go back to the list you created on Monday and add them. Now, circle all the items on your list that fall under the category of “circumstance.” Then reflect on the italicized sentence above. How does that change your contentment in the midst of these circumstances?

Let us know! How can we be praying for you while you are in your current circumstances?

Author: Hannah-Grace Hedgecoth

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