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Thursday, December 30th - Becoming More Refreshed

How are you physically doing right now? Tired? Energized? Did you adopt new habits of self-care this year or are those long forgotten?

Often times, the roles we play in our homes and workspaces are placed at the front of the priority line and taking care of ourselves physically gets put on the back burner. Of course, this time of year tends to pack the most pressure on us to prioritize our health and physical needs. We’ll especially be reminded of that as we consider what diet we’ll begin in the new year, and gyms will be packed to the brim the entire month of January. Not to mention the pressure that comes from a society that still has a tendency to place higher value on a woman’s physical appearance versus what she carries in her heart and mind.

The reality is that while it is important for us to take care of our bodies, we need not be so obsessed with getting it all right as soon as the clock hits midnight. More importantly, we should consider the motivation behind why we’re doing it in the first place! As you consider what dietary or physical goals you’d like to make for next year, consider including God in the conversation. Consider how you can incorporate that time as an act of worship for Him. God wants us to take care of ourselves, not for our own glory, but so that we can give glory to Him.

In your quiet time today, take a prayer walk. Get outside, get moving, and talk to God.

How would your motivations change if you considered your physical needs as an act of worship?

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