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Thursday, December 3rd - Becoming More Expectant

This week as we’ve looked at becoming more expectant, we’ve seen that being expectant and being hopeful don’t often tend to be our go-to response. It’s easier for us to look at what surrounds us or look at our past experiences and expect things to be the same. It’s less risky to not ask God to move in a big way in our lives and anticipate that He will do it. Why do you think that is? The definition of expectant is having or showing an excited feeling that something is about to happen, especially something pleasant and interesting. It does seem to make sense that after all 2020 brought it may not be wise for us to expect something pleasant and interesting to happen, but as Christ followers, aren’t we called to live differently?

When we lack expectance, we lack hope. We lack belief in who God says He is. We reflect the idea the gospel wasn’t for us. We act as if what scripture says didn’t happen. It may sound rash, but when we don’t live with an expectant spirit waiting in anticipation to see God move, it’s almost as if we don’t know Him. It’s as if we don’t understand the miracle of His sacrifice and the resurrection. It’s like even though we’ve seen what He can do, we don’t think He can do IT, whatever “it” may be to you.

So, we want to ask you today, where is God challenging your thoughts? Where is he leading you to take a risk? What line of reasoning may He be trying to replace with hope in Him? Where is He nudging you to trust Him? Where is He saying, “Ask me?” In what ways is He restoring your expectant spirit?

As you spend time in silence & solitude today, reflect on the following questions:

· What bold prayer is God calling you to pray this season?

· What restricts your belief that God can do what He wants you to ask Him to do?

· What action can you take to release your reasoning over to Him and expect that He’ll be with you no matter what?

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