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Thursday, January 6th - Becoming More Bold

“New Year – New You!” It’s the themed catchphrase that every advertiser proclaims for what feels like the entire month of January. I’ve heard it on podcasts, radio stations, tv, and even in a nice mailer I received from a local gym encouraging me to get a head start on losing the extra 15 pounds I gained over the holidays. (Thanks for the reminder!)

While we are being inundated with “newness” and the desire to start fresh from a worldly perspective right now, we learned yesterday that we don’t have to wait for the right moment to ask God for bold things. The same applies to how we seek Him.

I spent a good portion of my youth running from God, and rejecting every nudge, shove, and push from the Holy Spirit to do something about that. He was seeking me out and I was seeking to push Him away as far as I could. With the help of some great mentors and an incredible church, I was able to learn how to pause, listen, and follow through with what God had in store for me. I learned how to boldly pursue Him.

We are not called to be perfect at seeking Him. However, we are called to pursue Him more and more as our relationship with Him grows. Think of a significant relationship that exists in your life right now. How different would that relationship be if we chose to not spend time with the other person very often? It would probably fizzle out and not be sustainable in the long run, right? Relationships are reciprocal, and God wants us to rely on Him more. We are not meant to do life on our own, but with Him.

Today, recite this breath prayer and listen to what God is saying to you. Share your answers in the comments below:

Breathe in and say, “True Vine and Gardener,”

Breathe out and say, “I abide in You.”

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