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Thursday, November 18th - Becoming More Welcoming

What do you freely welcome into your life? The first things that come to my mind would be good things. I’d love to welcome into my life a raise, a new puppy, a vacation, time spent with a friend who no longer lives here, among many other things that would make me happy.

What if we learned to not only welcome the good things in our lives but also learned to embrace failure and disappointment? You might have even made a snarky face at that last question. It’s often against our nature to welcome the things in life we’d prefer. But what if we shifted our perspective on these things? What if we chose to view our disappointments, the circumstances that don’t go the way we’d hoped, and the hardships and pain we experience as opportunities to grow? What if, when we reached the other side, instead of complaining about how terrible a season we’d been in, we compared ourselves to who we were before this experience? You would see that God uses these seasons to grow us, mature us, and make us more into the people He’s created us to be.

How may God be challenging you to welcome seasons of disappointment as opportunities for growth in Him?

Author: Gracie Martin

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